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Guide: The Best of Abu Dhabi

Posted by admin on October 31, 2015

Fueled by petrodollars and ambition, Abu Dhabi is a young gun and wise uncle rolled into one charming if slightly schizo personality. 

It's split between the original city on its crowded island nub, some 200 other islands and a slew of emerging mainland communities and attractions.

Before the city's urban planners gussy up the United Arab Emirates' capital beyond all recognition, a sojourn in the city still provides an Arabia-meets-Metropolis experience, merging a half-century of achievement with a 3D Technicolor vision of the future.

Arab expats and Emiratis in traditional garb vie with suited Western consultants for café tables, while international A-listers and sports stars motor, sing, putt and pose their way through a packed social calendar of festivals and tournaments.

Claire Malcolm