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Club Ill Repute


Club iLL Repute International is a leading international high class model agency providing elite models and introducing beautiful and sophisticated companions to discerning clients world wide.

Club ill repute began its inception in 2007 and although relatively young we have become the standard in the industry for honesty, integrity and quality. Most of our bookings come by way of referral from our satisfied clients or models who having previously worked with us are aware of our high standards. We have fought hard to achieve our reputation and we continue to work hard every day to improve it.[...]

Top Features

Sex Party! Where to and How to

Sex Party! Where to and How to

21 October 2017

Sex parties, Orgies, gang bangs, dogging, group sex, swinging (or whatever we like to call it) have been around since the times of the ancient Greeks [...]

Sexy Shower

Sexy Shower

22 July 2017

Sex in the shower is a fantasy that many of us have had, but it's not easy to do correctly. Apart from the fact that its "slippery when wet"' there are many other pitfalls on the road to achieving an enjoyable outcome. [...]